Note: As far as the information below is escort-agency specific info, we have left this info here for you as it may be handy for you in your contact with self-employed boys. Active escort services are no longer offered by us, instead we have built in our knowledge and experience in the Direct section of this website (Self-employed boys), so you can benefit from our extensive experience.

About 27 years ago, in 1992, university-students started People, at then Male Escorts. We noticed there were companies that sent just about anyone although the client was looking for someone totally different. So we started sending what people were actually looking for. People is known for a policy of customer service and the friendly and discreet way we work with boys. Even today, with automated contacts, that remains quite unique in this type of business.

Back in the days, People was the first escort service with an Internet-site where you can choose your ideal boy (1992!), and was the only escort service which could meet the standard of Erotikeur. (Erotikeur is an official hallmark the for the better sex related businesses).

The professional and discreet service is now fully automated, but still with a warm personality in mind. The operator is now fully 'automated'. People has always had the talent to find the right boy for the most demanding client. This knowledge is built in to our websites. People is gay-owned and gay-operated.
Boys on this site do not work for us, we offer fully automated direct computer contact for boys and their clientele.

  • People offers a wide variety of boys and men, ranging from 18 up to 35 years old, in nearly any type
  • People offers a friendly and discreet service
People is for boys who do appreciated at least some discretion, and can without any problem just add up to 14 pictures.

Since we got more and more requests from both boys and clients to be able to make direct contact, we have used our 27 years of experience and knowledge of what both clients and boys actually want, into a system which enables self-employed boys to offer their services to you in a convenient way, and anbles you to easily get in touch. This section can be found in the site-area People Direct. People Direct, like the name already says, is no escort service, but direct contact. For more info, please see the seperate info on People Direct.
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